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Our Community and Mental Health Worker program is your gateway to becoming an advocate for change. Discover the tools to support mental well-being and enhance social services. Take the first step towards a fulfilling career where your actions can make a lasting difference. Join us and be the driving force in creating healthier, happier communities.

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Community Service and Mental Health Worker with CCHST

The Community Service Mental Health Worker program at the Canadian College of Health Science and Technology is your gateway to a meaningful career. Our program focuses on equipping you with the essential knowledge and skills to support individuals facing a myriad of challenges, from mental health issues and addiction to family problems and poverty. You’ll learn to provide vital case management services, guiding people through their struggles, be it unemployment, illness, family dysfunction, or other crises. As a graduate, you’ll be prepared to make a tangible impact, offering compassionate assistance to those in need and empowering them to overcome life’s obstacles. 

Join us and become a beacon of hope and support in your community.

Program Highlights

Our program is designed to provide students with the knowledge, experience, and confidence. 

Module Learning

Task-focused learning where students work through modules one at a time

Student Internship

Practicum placement gives our students real-world experience enhancing our graduates employability

Fast Tracked

An accelerated program simplifies career transitions by reducing challenges and obstacles

Experienced Instructors

Professional instructors bring expertise, guidance, and experience to enhance students' skills, fostering their growth and success

Curriculum Highlights

What You Will Learn

At CCHST, we are confident in our curriculum design. All students will receive hands-on training from our instructors that covers:

Admissions Information

Admissions Criteria & Financial Plans

Admissions Requirements

Get ready to apply, review the checklist to get your documents ready. If you have any questions about requirements our team is here to help.

Program Cost


Financial Planning

With many options of financial aid planning, paying for tuition has never been easier. Speak to one of our admissions representatives today to find out how.

Why Choose CCHST

Our Grads Are In Demand!

For over four decades, the Canadian College of Health Science and Technology (CCHST) has been dedicated to the education and preparation of students for careers in Health Sciences and Business. CCHST is a preferred choice for individuals seeking a conducive and mature academic environment that enables them to acquire comprehensive knowledge and practical experience within an accelerated timeframe.
One of the hallmarks of CCHST is its commitment to providing students with small class sizes and fostering an intimate and highly focused learning environment. This unique approach ensures that our students benefit from more personalized attention and dedicated interaction with our team of seasoned and expert instructors.


One Of The Most In Demand Careers

Community Service Mental Health Workers, in high demand for roles like Child and Youth Worker, Aboriginal Outreach Worker, and Life Skills Instructor, are vital in assessing strengths, needs, and objectives to create progress plans under professional guidance. Whether aiding a child’s return to school or assisting individuals in securing employment, their primary goal is providing emotional support for personal and collective growth. A pivotal responsibility is connecting families with essential resources like food, childcare, and government assistance. These professionals bridge critical social service gaps, improving lives, making their roles indispensable across diverse social and community sectors.
Opting for a career as a Community Service Mental Health Worker not only allows you to have a meaningful impact on individuals and communities but also presents the potential for financial stability. In Ontario, the average annual salary stands at $70,583, based on 188 reported salaries as of 2023. This competitive income underscores the growing demand for their services, emphasizing their essential role in promoting mental health and well-being. Becoming a Community Service Mental Health Worker offers a fulfilling path that combines purpose with financial security, making it an appealing choice for those seeking a rewarding and impactful profession.


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