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At CCHST, we're dedicated to unlocking your potential and helping you achieve your goals. With career-focused programs, experienced faculty, and a supportive environment, you'll thrive in your chosen field. Start your journey at CCHST and let us be your guide to success.​

CCHST Admission Process

Enrolling at CCHST is a straightforward process designed to set you on the path to a promising future. Here are a few options to get started:

Step 1

Choose Your Future

Step 2

Meet Our Admissions Team

Step 3

Make A Financial Plan

Step 4

Attend An Information Session

Step 5

Submit Your Application

5 Steps in Enrolling at CCHST

Discover your potential and explore career options with an Admissions Representative. Schedule an appointment to discuss college registration and find a career that aligns with your goals.

Experience the Canadian College Advantage firsthand. Visit our campus, meet instructors and staff, and see the classrooms and labs where you’ll learn new skills. Find the right career program for you.
Receive personalized financial planning to address your needs and make your education dreams a reality. We’ll help you navigate funding options and ensure you receive the maximum support available.
Join our monthly Information Sessions to learn about education opportunities, local employment trends, and in-demand careers. Gain valuable insights from guest speakers and Canadian College staff. Plus, attend a free workshop “Tool for Succeeding at Canadian College” on study skills and success strategies.
Once you’ve chosen your career path, completed the necessary preparations, and planned your financing, it’s time to register for class. Simply fill out the Canadian College Application form and embark on your educational journey.
Contact your admission representative to receive the Registration form.

Request More Info

Get the information you need about start dates, tuition & financial aid

Explore Your Passion

Healthcare Programs

Business & Law Programs

Technology & Energy Programs

Your Future is Our Priority!

At CCHST, your future takes center stage as our utmost priority. With a steadfast commitment, we provide intimate and personalized attention, fostering an environment where your dreams are nurtured and your goals are realized. Every step of the way, we dedicate ourselves to empowering your journey, offering comprehensive support and unwavering guidance. 


Join us at CCHST and experience a transformative path where your aspirations are embraced and your future flourishes.

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Embark on Your Journey With Us Today!

Canadian College of Health Science and Technology is committed to assisting you make the best possible choices for your career; fulfilling your dream of getting educating and becoming employed in your field of study. Our philosophy at Canadian College is simple – offer programs that make sense in our community!

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