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Career Services

Student meeting with a Career Services team member.
Get professional career services support to help you succeed in your future career

We Are Committed to Your Success

The Career Services department at the Canadian College of Health Science & Technology is committed to providing comprehensive employment support services to both current students and alumni.

What is the role of CCHST Career Service?

We are dedicated to empowering you in your career journey by offering a wide array of accessible services. These services are designed to provide the necessary support and guidance to help you thrive in your professional endeavours. To ensure you make well-informed decisions about your career, education, and employment goals, our team of Trained Employment Specialists will be there every step of the way.

What Do We Offer?

By collaborating with various members of the CCHST employment community, we bring forth valuable resources and opportunities to enhance your career prospects. Here are some of the benefits you can expect:

  • Practical career & education events
  • Engaging in practical career and education events that offer hands-on experience and insights
  • Workshops
  • Participating in workshops focused on developing essential skills and knowledge for your desired field
  • Job listings
  • Access to a wide range of job listings to explore potential employment opportunities
  • Career counselling
  • Receiving personalized career counseling to guide you in making informed choices
  • Internship & Job Opportunities
  • The possibility of securing internships or job opportunities provided by esteemed employers in Windsor

Whether you are a current student contemplating diploma programs, certifications, or career options, our Career Services department is here to assist you in finding the ideal path that suits your aspirations.

Online Job Research Resources

Canadian College provides comprehensive career resources for students, including local, provincial, and national job search tools. Workforce Windsor-Essex offers a range of employment services such as career profiling, resume writing, interview tips, and job search assistance.

As a Canadian College student, you receive ongoing support throughout your educational journey and beyond. Our Career Support Services staff help students refine job search strategies, utilize resources, and establish valuable career connections. Services include creating targeted cover letters, resumes, and thank-you letters, developing interviewing skills, and accessing a wide range of employment tools and resources.

The following are links to job search websites in Canada that we recommend for our students:

Employment Counsellors & Case Workers

Canadian College of Health Science & Technology collaborates with employment counselors and case workers in Windsor to facilitate student employment. They offer specialized short-term training programs aimed at obtaining industry-recognized certifications and providing real-world experiences. The college’s focus is on delivering high-quality education and meeting the specific needs of students and industry standards.

To learn more about the available programs and receive comprehensive training details, interested individuals can contact the Admissions Representative at 519-977-1222. These programs are also eligible for those participating in Better Jobs Ontario.

Connect with Top Talents through Our Career Services!

Our Career Services team stands ready to assist organizations like yours in finding exceptional candidates for employment or internship opportunities. By leveraging our expertise, we can facilitate connections and identify the perfect individuals who meet your specific needs. Partner with us to ensure a seamless and successful recruitment process for your organization.

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For immediate questions, call 519-977-1222