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Sherry Downing, Massage & Hydrotherapy Grad & Current Instructor

My name is Sherry and I have been an RMT for almost 7 years. After high school, my primary focus was on my family. I realized something was missing, I decided to start a career. After brainstorming my passions, I found that massage therapy was the perfect fit. Upon discovering CCHST, I immediately enrolled and started the journey towards my dream job.

My children were young, but the instructors helped me along the way and even one-on-one sessions when needed. The college itself provided resources to support me throughout the program. Making lifelong friends was a bonus, and we still stay in touch. I graduated in 2017 with excellent marks and finished my exams in 2018. I owe my success to all the instructors and the help I received along the way.

Attending CCHST has been one of the best things that’s ever happened to me genuinely changing my life. My job is rewarding and provides the flexibility to raise my kids alone as a single parent. The opportunities are numerous, and practicing in various locations has broadened my healthcare knowledge and experiences.

My second dream was to become an RMT instructor, influenced by my father, who was my martial arts teacher growing up and watching him teach something he loved truly influenced me. I am proud to say I’ve achieved that goal, working with the very individuals who got me to where I am today. CCHST and becoming an RMT has truly been a fairy tale with a happy ending for me. It might just change your life too!

Sherry Downing, Massage & Hydrotherapy Grad & Current Instructor

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