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CCHST students walking outside. Check out our testimonials today.
CCHST graduates have a lot to say about the training they received and their career success after graduation

Here’s What Our Graduates Have to Say About Their Experience at CCHST…

The best way to understand the CCHST experience and what you have to gain as a student is to hear directly from our graduates via our testimonials.

I moved to Canada four years ago and went through a lot. Everything changed when I joined the RMT program at the Canadian College. Today I graduated from college and have a chance to build a better future.

Lis S., Massage & Hydrotherapy

I am so happy that I chose Canadian College of Health Science & Technology! Everyone from the administration, instructors, support staff and students have been amazing. Any questions I had were always answered immediately. I highly recommend this college to anyone. I had been out of school for so long and was nervous if I had made the right choice. I completed the Addictions and Mental Health Worker program. The encouragement that I received was way beyond expectations!

Nicole D., Addictions & Mental Health Worker Grad

I had the BEST experience! Going back to school after 20 yrs can be a challenge but attending CCHST was the best decision I made. I took the Medical Office Assistant Program and all my instructors were amazing and so patient. Truly went above and beyond. Would not recommend any other school. Thanks CCHST for making this an amazing experience.

Tereas M., Medical Office Assistant Grad

My name is Kim, a 49-year-old mother of two and a wife. My journey began during COVID, marking the end of my in-home daycare, which I had established over 20 years ago. The pandemic turned my world upside down, leading to the permanent closure of my daycare.

After discussing possibilities with my husband, I made the decision to return to school. Though I’ve always had a passion for the medical field, I wasn’t keen on the long hours of nursing or enduring a lengthy program. That’s when I stumbled upon the Medical Office Assistant (MOA) program at Canadian College and thought, ‘This is perfect for me.’

On my first day of school, nerves and doubts filled me, worried about the potential for failure at my age. However, it turned out to be the perfect program for me. Graduating with a high average in the 90s, I landed my dream job as an MOA at a family practice just minutes from my home. It is such a great feeling waking up every morning excited to go to work. I’ve finally found a career where I excel, one that provides purpose, joy, and a sense of making a difference. I can’t express enough gratitude to Canadian College for the encouragement, knowledge, and strength that led me to where I am today.

Kim Lebert, Medical Office Assistant Grad

My name is Sherry and I have been an RMT for almost 7 years. After high school, my primary focus was on my family. I realized something was missing, I decided to start a career. After brainstorming my passions, I found that massage therapy was the perfect fit. Upon discovering CCHST, I immediately enrolled and started the journey towards my dream job.

My children were young, but the instructors helped me along the way and even one-on-one sessions when needed. The college itself provided resources to support me throughout the program. Making lifelong friends was a bonus, and we still stay in touch. I graduated in 2017 with excellent marks and finished my exams in 2018. I owe my success to all the instructors and the help I received along the way.

Attending CCHST has been one of the best things that’s ever happened to me genuinely changing my life. My job is rewarding and provides the flexibility to raise my kids alone as a single parent. The opportunities are numerous, and practicing in various locations has broadened my healthcare knowledge and experiences.

My second dream was to become an RMT instructor, influenced by my father, who was my martial arts teacher growing up and watching him teach something he loved truly influenced me. I am proud to say I’ve achieved that goal, working with the very individuals who got me to where I am today. CCHST and becoming an RMT has truly been a fairy tale with a happy ending for me. It might just change your life too!

Sherry Downing, Massage & Hydrotherapy Grad & Current Instructor

I enrolled at Canadian College because the Monday-Friday classes, 9 AM to 1 PM, provided me with the consistency and structure that other colleges could not. I am a wife, and mom, and work part-time. Making a schedule is easy. I finish school at the same time every day. I don’t have to wait around for another class to start or return later in the day. The administration and professors are personable, encouraging, and they create a welcoming environment. I am a current Medical Office Assistant student. I returned to school because I didn’t choose a career out of high school. I wanted time to gain experience and to find what I was passionate about. After working part time as a Chiropractic Office Assistant, I knew this was the career path for me.

Aubri Baggio, Medical Office Assistant Student

I hold a degree in Business and previously worked in the financial sector at Brazil’s largest bank. Throughout my professional journey, my focus has always been on helping people feel better. However, upon arriving in Canada at the end of 2019, I realized I wasn’t content with the direction of my life. This realization prompted me to consider giving myself another chance.

After conversations with friends, I discovered the perfect course at Canadian College: Massage & Hydrotherapy. This program provided me with the opportunity to hit the reset button. Initially, it was challenging, primarily due to the language barrier and unfamiliar subjects. However, the college is well structured and well prepared to give us the best learning, they gave me support and all the teachers are amazing. They made me feel confident and I believe that “Yes, I can do it”! I am really happy with my choice and excited about my future!

Cibelle Castro, Massage & Hydrotherapy Student (Term 3)

Through this course, I hope to gain a comprehensive understanding of human anatomy and related functions. The prospect of helping others brings a sense of achievement which is complemented by the potential to boost my income for family support. Choosing the Canadian College is, to my knowledge, the best school in the Windsor area that offers massage courses. There are experienced teachers and a variety of practical projects, and staff members who are all very patient and considerate.

Jason Zheng, Massage & Hydrotherapy Student (Term 3)

I’ve been a full-time hairstylist for 26 years and teaching yoga for 18 years. I decided to make health and wellness my full-time career. I enrolled at CCHST to study massage therapy, driven by my passion for holistic well-being.

I love the program here, the course is structured to build a firm foundation and builds upon it. The teachers are experienced massage therapists and chiropractors who work hard to ensure we graduate with the skills we need to succeed. The in-school clinic provides valuable hands-on experience with actual clients, allowing me to apply the analytical and technical skills learned in class to actually help someone, which is very rewarding.

Kyle Glassford, Massage & Hydrotherapy Student (Term 3)

Exceptional place to study. I’m taking Medical Office Administration and my entire class loves the teachers we have encountered. It is a demanding course but I have never felt that I couldn’t go to staff for help. Several of my classmates have had accommodations for everything from lower lighting for migraine prone to separate rooms to test in so they can concentrate. A very supportive atmosphere and low class numbers means ample one on one assistance.

Carol O.

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